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Unlimited data, calls, and texts, for as long as you need.

Only £29 / month.

Get your unlimited SIM

All the good stuff,

without any contract nonsense

No credit check

Had a couple of credit mishaps in the past? No credit history? No problem.

No small print

No data caps, no speed restrictions. Infinite gigabytes, on as many devices as you want.

No speed caps

Better speeds, better reliability, and no limits on your usage or speed

Zero commitment

No contracts, just fully flexible subscriptions. Buy a one-off month, or stay subscribed as long as you like. Cancel anytime.

No getting stuck with bad coverage

Choose the network with the best coverage in your area.

Facts the big networks don’t want you to know:

Those numbers are wild.

So we’re making things right.

With better gigabytes. Better coverage. Contract freedom. And unlimited data.

All at one price.

Choose your subscription:

Monthly rolling subscription

£29 per month

Unlimited everything, for as long as you want. Cancel anytime.

I want a monthly rolling subscription


Just 1 month


Grab a SIM and enjoy unlimited everything for one month. Perfect for trying out our SIMs, or for a short holiday in the UK.

I want a 1-month subscription

Plus, all of our subscriptions include:

  • O2 or Vodafone

    Choose the network with the best coverage in your area.

  • Unlimited tethering in the UK

    Use Wi-Fi hotspots to share your unlimited data with family and friends.

  • 5G-ready SIMs

    All your unlimited data needs, delivered at 5G’s lightning speeds.

  • Zero commitment

    Cancel anytime.

  • Keep your phone number

    We’ll show you how when you switch.

Get started in three simple steps:


Pick your network coverage, choose your subscription, and add your perks.


Get the SIM within one day, pop it into your device, and activate it.


Pay less, stress less, and leave anytime.

Solid and legitimate re-seller, worth considering
I recently switched from EE to O2 via OneCall. The customer service provided to me by Marie-Annie and Mark was stellar. There was one minor hiccup during the initial stages with setting up WiFi calling and 4g calling/VoLTE, but this was quickly resolved ...

I purchased this sim as I couldn't
I purchased this sim as I couldn't always get signal, it's great as no contract is needed, connection is fast, never run out of data as it's unlimited and I had great customer service. Will be purchasing one for my son. Would recommend this sim.

Great product & excellent service
Bought this SIM card for my mother to use while visiting the UK. Arrived on time an was easy to activate. Really affordable compared to other company's out there.

Getting 35mb download in remote...
Getting 35mb download in remote Presteigne Powys. Excellent support via live Chat or email support. Try it you won't be disappointed.

At last I have found a Vodafone service...
At last I have found a Vodafone service provider on a pay as you go that includes WiFi calling. Excellent value for money too without the need of long expensive contracts

Very fast and efficient service with...
Very fast and efficient service with good customer service and support. Great deals on the SIM only 30 day rolling. Great speeds and unlimited data. Would definitely recommend.

Great Service So Far!
Easy to contact via Online Chat with prompt response and product knowledge. Excellent idea to provide callers with an email copy of the 'Chat'! Now just awaiting arrival of my SIM to activate.

Good service from Customer service...
Good service from Customer service colleague Ms. Marianne & fastest sent me SIM card. Will recommend to other people.

Excellent service and products
Very good service and products. Technical support is first class.

Great service
Great, personal service. I'm very impressed with this provider.


We’re glad you asked

What about roaming on networks overseas?2022-06-07T09:15:19+01:00

Whether you’re using Vodafone or O2’s network with us, you can use your unlimited SIM anywhere in the world. Learn more here.

I’m already on Vodafone / O2, can I stay on my network?2022-04-20T14:27:52+01:00

Yep! If you’re a Vodafone or O2 customer, you can switch to our unlimited SIM while staying on your current network.

Why don’t you require a credit check?2022-04-20T14:26:33+01:00

Our subscriptions are SIM-only and paid upfront. So there’s no need for the hassle of a credit check.

Is the tethering really unlimited?2022-04-20T14:26:07+01:00

As long as you’re in the UK, yes—tether as much as you want.

In the EU, tethering comes out of your monthly allowance, which is 25GB per month.

Outside of the UK & Europe, you’ll need one of our roaming add-ons. We want to keep the network fair for everyone, so fair use policies apply to all tethering.

Can I keep my number?2022-04-20T14:23:07+01:00

Yes! Just contact your previous network provider or text ‘PAC’ to 65075 to get a code valid for 30 days. If you need any help doing this, let us know and we’ll walk you through the process.

What makes OneCall gigabytes better quality?2022-04-20T14:25:54+01:00

Ever notice your internet speed slowing down for no reason at all—especially when everyone gets home in the evenings?

It’s because most mobile networks make you share bandwidth with other users on the network. The more people streaming music, sharing cat videos, and video calling their friends, the slower your connection. Kind of like a traffic jam.

But the way we route traffic over our network is different to (better than) how other operators do it.

When you use one of our unlimited SIMs, you don’t share your bandwidth with anyone. No traffic jams—you have the roads all to yourself. (If you’re fluent in mobile tech jargon, you can check out our O2 and Vodafone APNs that make this possible.)

Other operators only do this for their corporate customers. Rude, right?

Is it really unlimited data?2023-08-17T16:44:38+01:00

Yep! Go wild.

We do, however, want to make sure the network is fair for everyone. So if your usage reaches 650 GB and breaches our Fair Use policy,  we’ll quickly check in with you to make sure you are aware Fair Use Policy. We can stop services if you use more than 650 GB in a consecutive period. “Unlimited” is unlimited data for a single device/user, with periodic tethering, not for use by multiple or non-consumer users.

To monitor your usage, please log in to your Account, or if you need Account access, contact info@onecallsim.com.

Need more help?

P.S. When you buy your unlimited SIM, we celebrate

by planting five trees.

That’s right: you’re not only getting huge savings, better gigabytes, and infinite data. You’re also helping us fight climate change.

That goes for every unlimited SIM we sell.

So tell your friends. Tell your family. Heck, tell your dog.


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